Project Management

We will look after every aspect of your project from start to finish. In consultation with you we produce a project plan and critical path. We monitor progress against milestones and take appropriate action if necessary to ensure your event runs on schedule. We will review the budget and provide timely advice should adjustments be necessary. We will organise tenders, arrange quotes and negotiate with venues, suppliers and subcontractors.

  • Provide advice, schedule meetings, prepare analyses, report progress
  • Act as central communication point for all activities related to the meeting
  • Prepare Project Plan and Critical Path, monitor progress against deadlines, review as required
  • Manage sub-contractors and suppliers, arrange quotes, make recommendations and liaise with successful tenderers
  • Generate regular progress reports

Financial Services

We can provide you with conference budgets and budget analyses and financial statements for any required aspects of the conference, as well as detailed breakdowns for audit purposes if required. We can also establish a dedicated bank account for your event, handle all your event transactions, reconcile the accounts and provide BAS statements to comply with GST legislation.

  • Prepare budgets, monitor income and expenditure against budget, provide regular updates
  • Process routine transactions, reconcile accounts
  • Provide secure on-line credit card payment facility
  • Prepare Profit and Loss, General Ledger and Trial Balance reports and supporting documentation as required for audit purposes
  • Prepare final financial report once all income and expenditure has been processed

Sponsorship Management

Our sponsorship team is standing by to develop sponsorship packages for your event, prepare prospectuses, follow up leads, negotiate with potential sponsors, ensure sponsors receive their entitlements and manage all aspects of the sponsor relationship.

  • Prepare sponsorship budget and targets
  • Develop prospectus package
  • Generate sponsorship leads, distribute prospectus, develop relationships with sponsors
  • Ensure sponsors receive agreed entitlements

Marketing Services

We work with you to develop a marketing strategy in order to maximise the exposure of your event to potential attendees and to identify new market areas. We will design and implement a marketing campaign for you using strategies, media and promotional materials specifically designed to engage your target audience.

  • Develop marketing plan to maximise delegate numbers and revenue
  • Generate and manage database for distribution of promotional materials
  • Negotiate quotes for design and production of promotional materials
  • Distribute promotional materials as specified in the marketing plan

Exhibition & Trade Show Management

We are able to handle any aspects you require, from designing the prospectus and exhibitors’ manual through to overseeing the exhibition bump-in, on-site requirements, and bump-out. Our Technical Director will work with exhibitors, venue staff, standbuilders and the audiovisual crew to ensure that all your exhibitors’ needs are met and there are no nasty surprises on the day.

  • Develop exhibition strategy and budget
  • Arrange quotes, liaise with successful tenderers
  • Generate database for distribution of exhibitor materials
  • Create exhibition proposal and associated documentation, distribute in accordance with exhibition strategy
  • Produce and distribute exhibitors’ manual
  • Liaise with confirmed exhibitors and venue
  • Provide on-site exhibition management
  • Supervise bump-in and bump-out
  • Ensure exhibitors have agreed services: power, lighting, fascia, internet access, water

Event Management

We can look after all the creative, logistical and technical elements of your event. This includes event design, budgeting, promotion, sponsorship, audio-visual production, logistics, negotiation and client service.

  • Set up and maintain secure event website
  • Establish and manage on-line abstract submission system
  • Select venue, liaise with venue on ongoing basis
  • Provide quotes for event insurance
  • Manage invited speakers and other talent
  • Liaise with speakers
  • Provide speaker and chairperson briefing notes
  • Assist with development of conference programme
  • Design and collate conference proceedings
  • Provide presentation and poster specifications and guidelines for presenters
  • Arrange for supply and set-up of poster boards
  • Develop specification for audiovisual equipment and arrange supply
  • Provide trained on-site staff to support all aspects of the event once it goes live

Delegate Services

It’s important to us that everyone attending your event is well looked after before, during and after the event. Before the event we provide detailed information to your potential attendees via the web, email mailouts, fax or mail. A manager dedicated to your event will always be available by phone. During the event we provide trained on-site staff and support to help answer any queries and deal with any problems that may arise. Afterwards wearrange reimbursements and any other documents required by delegates to meet their own reporting requirements.

  • Provide a range of accommodation options tailored to meet the needs of delegates
  • Provide information to potential delegates in accordance with the marketing plan
  • Manage all aspects of the registration process
  • Arrange for supply of delegate materials
  • Provide advice to delegates on all matters relating to the conference
  • Provide access to phone, email, postal, fax services
  • Maintain records of delegate payments

Social Program

A strong and vibrant social element is a key component in the success of your event. We work with you to develop social programs and activities that are tailored and appropriate for your audience. We pride ourselves that all the events we’re involved in inspire a sense of cameraderie and community.

  • Advise on venues, themes, entertainment etc for all social events
  • Generate social program budget, provide proposals costed per person
  • Integrate social program bookings into online registration process
  • Book selected venues, liaise with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Provide on-site management of all social functions
  • Arrange transport to and from social functions
  • Arrange technical tours, advise on optional pre- and post-conference tours

Post-Event Services

Once your event is over we tie up all the loose ends, including reimbursing expenses, settling outstanding accounts and closing off supplier and subcontractor contracts. We will prepare Profit and Loss and other financial statements for you, together with a detailed Event Report including a post-event analysis to help you examine the return on investment.

  • Prepare and distribute thank-you letters
  • Prepare final event report
  • Prepare detailed financial report for audit purposes
  • Provide electronic copies of presentations