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Delegate Services

It's important to us that everyone attending your event is well looked after before, during and after the event. Before the event we provide detailed information to your potential attendees via the web, email mailouts, fax or mail. A manager dedicated to your event will always be available by phone. During the event we provide trained on-site staff and support to help answer any queries and deal with any problems that may arise. Afterwards wearrange reimbursements and any other documents required by delegates to meet their own reporting requirements.
  • Provide a range of accommodation options tailored to meet the needs of delegates
  • Provide information to potential delegates in accordance with the marketing plan
  • Manage all aspects of the registration process
  • Arrange for supply of delegate materials
  • Provide advice to delegates on all matters relating to the conference
  • Provide access to phone, email, postal, fax services
  • Maintain records of delegate payments